The Wine Club

Our wine club is free to join and provides generous discounts on current & library release wines, your first case of either 6 or 12 bottles can be ordered and dispatched immediately, and your subsequent cases are available for delivery in April & October. Our wines are boutique, produced from hand sourced grapes that experience and knowledge help turn into sophisticated, award winning wines. We are encouraging more people who know and love our wine to buy direct and by signing up to our wine club to receive 2 cases of 6 or 12 wines each year, you are helping us to plan and manage our boutique wines in a way that enables us to remain creative and committed to current and future releases. 

Once signed up to our wine club, you will be provided with access to exclusive offers and discounts on cases. Your first delivery will be dispatched immediately after your first order is received, subsequent wine club deliveries are in April & October. Once we have received your initial order, you will hear from Beth who will confirm any remaining details in our system and ensure the dispatch of your orders goes seamlessly.